Director’s Message

Information and systems engineering are disciplines with many crucial applications for our society. These application areas range from communication and sensor networks, robotics, medical imaging, and video surveillance, to modern energy systems and bioinformatics. As these domains become increasingly complex, there is a critical need to understand, predict, and design for safety, efficiency, robustness, and the public good.  With a proven track record of funding and industry collaboration, CISE faculty bring vast research experience to addressing these challenges.

We believe it is the quantitative approach and methodologies that hold the key to cutting edge solutions to these pressing real world problems. We are always seeking new collaborators – students, faculty, industry and/or government professionals – who want to be a part of this vital research.

Please contact us to learn more about CISE and become part of the dynamic academic environment that is Boston University.

Yannis Paschalidis
Director, Center for Information and Systems Engineering

YPascalidis_cropannis Paschalidis, PhD
Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Division of Systems Engineering
College of Engineering
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