About CISE

Mission Statement

CISE provides a home across departments for faculty and students interested in information and systems engineering methodologies and their relevance to application domains encompassing the analysis, design, and management of complex systems.

Information and systems engineering research at Boston University is strong and accomplished but also spread across departments, colleges and schools within the University. CISE was established to foster greater interactions among researchers speaking the same technical language across diverse application domains.


  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration in systems research amongst faculty and graduate  students at Boston University.
  • Enhance access to related interdisciplinary activities throughout Boston University.
  • Strengthen graduate and undergraduate student recruitment opportunities and improve retention of faculty who have achieved excellence in the field.
  • Support interdepartmental course and degree programs by increasing student and faculty awareness of the scope and depth of systems related offerings across departments.
  • Work with industry and government on systems applications critical to the implementation of emerging technologies.