Summer Classes

IR 395 North-South Relations

This course examines the fundamental issues that arise out of the relations between the industrialized countries of the “North” (e.g., the U.S., Europe, Japan) and the developing countries of the “South.” The class focuses primarily on themes and issues in North-South relations rather than specific countries or regions; to the extent that we cover specific geographical areas, we will pay greater attention to Latin America and East Asia than to other developing areas. The course begins with a brief treatment of some of the conceptual approaches available to advance our understanding of North-South relations and their general historical trends. The tremendous development challenges facing the South both historically and currently dictate that the course pay close attention to issues of political economy and development. We will therefore dedicate several sessions to exploring a series of specific politico-economic issues relevant to North-South relations, such as imperialism, trade, foreign aid, investment, regional economic integration, and finance. The course will then consider a number of less traditional issues that have emerged on the agenda of North-South relations in recent years, including migration, illegal drug trafficking, and the protection of the environment. We will not focus explicitly on North-South security and military affairs. The course will conclude with an assessment of the future of North-South relations.