Auto Immunity

by Kelen Tuttle

How new technology is turning your car into a spy machine.

NASA Plan Needs a Little Spin

by Brad Plummer

NASA does a bad job telling taxpayers the good news about space research.

Photo: Courtesy NASA

Sharks: Ocean Spies of the Future

Photos and story by Cory Hatch

Researcher Jelle Atema searches for smell neurons in shark brains to someday steer the animals for the US military.


Technical Knockout

by Kelen Tuttle

Computer voting technology is not the fix-all we believe it to be.

Donating Technology or Trash?

by Elana Hayasaka

Donating used computers to developing countries can cause more problems than they fix.

Robot Lobsters

by Elana Hayasaka, Leah Eisenstadt, and Jeremy Miller

Robots designed to look like a lobster, move like a lobster, and act like a lobster.

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