Policy News and Updates

June 2018
Deaccession Policy

May 2018
Applicants to Boston University Jobs in the United States – Privacy Notice

NEW Ordering Method Matrix from Sourcing & Procurement

UPDATED List of Deputy Title IX Coordinators

March 2018
REVISED HIPAA Policy Authentication

October 2017
Athletics Program Compliance Guide for Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Friends

September 2017
Digital Privacy Statement
Statement from Provost to BU community on changes to Title IX Guidance issued by DOE 9/22/2017

July 2017
Intellectual Property

June 2017
Access to Electronic Information
Network Security Monitoring
Template for Sole Source Justification – Non-Competition

April 2017
HIPAA Policies (revised)
Data Protection Policy (formerly a guide now a policy)
Identity and Access Management (revised)
Minimum Security Standards (revised)

March 2017
Emeritus Status (Section B. of the Faculty Retirement and Emeritus Status Policy)

February 2017
Safety page
Lobbying and Federal Relations

January 2017
Course Scheduling for Charles River Campus (revised)
Data Management Guide (revised)

December 2016
Code of Ethical Conduct (revised)

November 2016
HIPAA (revised)

August 2016
Sexual Misconduct/Title IX (revised)

Procedures for Resolution of Sexual Misconduct Complaints against Students (revised)
Procedures for Resolution of Alleged Sexual Misconduct Complaints against Faculty, Staff, Affiliates, and Non-Affiliates (revised)

July 2016 Associate Provost for Research
Proposal Submission Policy (effective: September 2016)
Student Work Hours for Employment at Boston University

June 2016 Office of the Provost
Grade Grievances for Undergraduate Students in Boston University Courses
Incomplete Coursework
Intra-University Transfer
Pass/Fail Courses for Undergraduate Students
Repeated Courses for Undergraduate Students

April 2016 Office of the Provost
Policy of Crowdfunding

February-March 2016 Office of the Provost
Policy on Course Scheduling for Charles River Campus
Policy on External Professional Activity
Policy on Faculty Involvement in University Digital Courses
Policy on Faculty Retirement and Emeritus Status
Policy on Postdoctoral Scholars

February 2016 Human Resources
Background Check Materials for Protection of Minors – Also see policy, procedures, and appendices

December 2015 Office of the Provost
Policy on Missing Grades (effective: Fall 2016)

June 2015 Office of the Provost:
D Grades for Undergraduate Students

June 2015 EOO:
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy

April 2015 Board of Trustees:
Code of Ethical Conduct

April 2015 IS&T:
OneDrive Security Guide for FERPA and HIPAA

April 2015 Board of Trustees:
Conflict of Interest