IT & Printing


You are required to read and accept the student IT contract when you log in to your Personal Page for the first time. Failure to adhere to the restrictions in the contract (i.e. illegal downloading or sharing) will result in students being blocked from the system. This probationary period will either be permanent or end when the culprit(s) are identified.

Working practice

All students must save their work. Failure to save work is not an acceptable reason for late submission of work.

Laptop/software/hardware problem

BU London does not have a team of on-site engineers. There is a network administrator on site on Tuesdays and Thursdays and some advice can be given on minor problems with laptops.

For more serious computer problems you will need to take your device to a repair shop. If your machine is still under warranty, be sure that repairs are permitted by your manufacturer .


Student printing is available at the Library during its opening hours. The printers are set to double sided. Please do not waste paper and print only what you need. Printing is also available during working hours (9am-5pm) at The Crofton Residence for academic work only.