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Artemis 2018 Recommendation Form

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* Please give us your general impressions of the applicant. Is she able to stay on task? Does she make valuable contributions to your class environment? How would you describe her curiosity and motivation? Has she shown any initiative beyond the required class work?

* Please describe a specific situation in which the applicant has worked with other students (for example, a group project.) How did the applicant interact with the other members of the group? What sort of role did she take within the group? If any conflict arose, was she able to handle it well?

* The Artemis Project was founded in response to a noticeable trend of girls losing interest in science and technology once they enter high school. Our goal is to motivate girls in these areas and give them increased confidence in their abilities in fields that traditionally have been regarded as "off-limits" to girls. To what extent do you think the applicant could benefit from such a program?

If there is anything else you would like to tell us about the applicant? If so, please feel free to do so below.