BU Artemis Project | Apply

Applicants must currently be enrolled in the 8th grade in a school in MA. Priority will be given to applicants living within a 15-mile radius of Boston University.

Please follow these three steps to Apply:

STEP 1: Complete the Application found below;
(Make sure you complete the application first. Do not submit your essay or ask anyone to write recommendations for you until you have submitted an application.)

Write an Essay;

STEP 3: Have two recomendations submitted on your behalf. One recommendation must be completed by a math/science teacher. The second may be submitted by any other teacher, a guidance counselor, a coach, or an adult in your community. Please note that recommendations from family members or friends are not acceptable. Recommendations must be submitted via this link.

Each step is submitted separately.
All materials must be received by May 1st.
All applicants will be notified about acceptance no later than May 25th.

Artemis 2018 Application Form


* First Name: Last Name:
* Email: The student's email adddress must be entered to apply.

* Street Address:

* City: * State: * Zip:

* Home Phone Number:

* Name of Parent/Guardian:

* Parent/Guardian's Email: Cell Phone:

* School:

* Are you currently in the eighth grade: Yes No

* Are you eligible for free or reduced lunch? Yes No

Please list the names of your two recommenders and their email addresses here:
* Name of Reference 1:
* Reference 1 Email:

* Name of Reference 2:
* Reference 2 Email:

* Math classes you've taken in middle school.

* 1.) Why are you interested in The Artemis Project and what topics would you like to learn about? For ideas, see our Topics page!

* 2.) What subjects and activities interest you most, including extracurricular activities, sports, volunteering experience, etc?

* 3.) Please describe a challenge you have faced in your life and how you overcame it?

* 4.) Previous computer experience is NOT a requirement for this program, and it will not count either for or against you. However, we would like to know if you have used a computer before, and if so, for what purposes? (E.g. e-mail, writing papers, playing games, etc.). List any computer courses you have taken as well.

* I will be able to participate in The Artemis Project this summer for the entire 5 weeks. I understand that it meets Monday through Friday, from July 9th through August 10th.
Yes No

If no, please tell us when you CANNOT participate: