BU Artemis Project

Applicants must currently be enrolled in the 8th grade in a MA school.

There are three steps to the Application process:

  • Complete the Application found below;
  • Write an Essay;
  • Have two recomendations submitted on your behalf. One recommendation must be completed by a math/science teacher. The second may be submitted by any other teacher, a guidance counselor, a coach, or an adult in your community. Recommendations must be submitted via this link.

  • Each step is submitted separately.
    All materials must be received by May 1st.
    All applicants will be notified about acceptance no later than May 25th.

    Artemis 2016 Application Form


    * Name: * Email:

    * Street Address:

    * City: * State: * Zip:

    * Home Phone Number:

    * Name of Parent/Guardian:

    * Parent/Guardian's Email: Cell Phone:

    * School:

    * Grade in 2016-2017 school year:

    * Are you on free or reduced lunch? Yes No

    Please list the names of your two recommenders and their email addresses here:
    * Name of Reference 1:
    * Reference 1 Email:

    * Name of Reference 2:
    * Reference 2 Email:

    * Math classes you've taken in middle school and/or high school

    * 1.) Why are you interested in The Artemis Project and what topics would you like to learn about? For ideas, see our Topics page!

    * 2.) What subjects and activities interest you most, including extracurricular activities, sports, volunteering experience, etc?

    * 3.) Why do you think it is important for women to participate in and contribute to computer science and technology?

    * 4.) Previous computer experience is NOT a requirement for this program, and it will not count either for or against you. However, we would like to know if you have used a computer before, and if so, for what purposes? (E.g. e-mail, writing papers, playing games, etc.). List any computer courses you have taken as well.

    * I will be able to participate in The Artemis Project this summer for the entire 5 weeks. I understand that it meets Monday through Friday, from July 6th through August 7th. Yes No

    If no, please tell us when you CANNOT participate: