Zhang et al. Virus Concentration Device Published in Diagnostics

The paper is open access and can be downloaded at http://www.mdpi.com/2075-4418/3/1/155.

Jane Yuqian Zhang, Madhumita Mahalanabis, Lena Liu, Jessie Chang, Nira R. Pollock and Catherine M. Klapperich
Article: A Disposable Microfluidic Virus Concentration Device Based on Evaporation and Interfacial Tension
Diagnostics 2013, 3(1), 155-169; doi:10.3390/diagnostics3010155
Received: 18 December 2012; in revised form: 12 February 2013 / Accepted: 20 February 2013 / Published: 28 February 2013

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