Global Health Course for Undergrads-ENG Students Welcome

Interested in Global Health?  ENG students welcome!

PH511, “Pathogens, Poverty and Populations: an introduction to Global Health” may be the course for you!  In this 4-credit course, taught by Professor Susan Foster from the BU School of Public Health, you will learn about the global burden of disease and the main causes of diseases around the world, especially in low- and middle-income countries. If you are planning to do fieldwork in a developing country setting, this course will help you be more prepared for the challenges you’ll encounter.

Each student will be assigned a low- or lower-middle income country on which they will become expert – he or she will study its health problems including the political, social and economic context, and will have the opportunity to compare notes with other students who are studying different countries.

The course uses a variety of media, including videos, case studies, and small group discussions, with lectures kept to a bare minimum.  The in-class discussions are often very lively and sometimes controversial. The text we will use is brand new, Global Health 101, by Richard Skolnik, Jones and Bartlett, 2011.

The class maintains a blog, which has had nearly 23,000 visits.  Each student contributes a posting on a subject of his or her choice.

The bad news? The course meets from 8-9:30 am, Tuesday and Thursday, SAR 105.  BUT if you are, or can become, a “morning person”, this might be the perfect course for you! For more information, email Professor Foster,

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