Binaural Bash

Steven Colburn, director of the Hearing Research Center, started meeting with colleagues in the area of binaural hearing research over 20 years ago to discuss research ideas in an informal setting with a roundtable discussion structure. The meetings became annual and have continued to grow as more researchers, faculty, and students became interested in discussing research ideas and hearing about what areas are being investigated in the binaural hearing field. The annual meeting was termed the Binaural Bash because the creators saw it less as a formal conference and more as a casual setting for friends and colleagues to share research ideas and problems. The Binaural Bash is a two-day, weekend event with the goal of creating an informal and uninhibited interchange among a group of people to discuss issues related to binaural hearing research.

The 2015 Binaural Bash took place on October 30 & 31, 2015 at Boston University.

Please check back for dates and details about the 2016 Binaural Bash!