Hearing Research Center

Welcome to the Hearing Research Center

The Boston University Hearing Research Center (HRC) includes 20 faculty members from six departments in four Boston University schools and colleges. The HRC was formed in 1995 for the development and dissemination of knowledge that will improve the nation's auditory health and allow the fullest utilization of the sense of hearing.

The specific goals of the HRC are to encourage, develop, and support

  • The highest quality of basic and applied research in hearing science
  • Exceptional education for graduate students in hearing science
  • Collaborative research and teaching activities among faculty and staff within the hearing science community at Boston University

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Binaural Bash 2013 - November 8 & 9

As in the past, there will be stimulating presentations and discussions!
The idea is to talk to each other and to have INTERACTIVE sessions.  If you are thinking about making a presentation, plan on stimulating questions, arguments, and discussions.