Practicum Trip Report Outline


Practicum Reports are due two weeks after completing your practicum and should be submitted electronically before the practicum finale seminar. Practicum Reports model Trip Reports which are a common way for those in international work to document to their clients and superiors, the activities they have undertaken. Trip Reports often introduce the deliverable done in completion of a scope of work.

GH Concentrators submit a Practicum Report as part of their practicum, including those doing a domestic placement. Santander Awardees submit a Trip Report as part of their award agreement. Adapt the outline as needed to fit your particular circumstance.

Suggested Outline for Trip Report (3 to 5 page maximum, not including annexes/deliverables)

Title Page (with Title, Author, Date, Acknowledgments)

I. Executive Summary – (Summarize the key points of the report in one page or less.)

II. Background/Intro

a. Description of Client Organization
b. How you found this opportunity
c. Describe relevant Public Health Issue
d. Describe your Final Scope of Work

III. Activities/What you did

IV. Observations or Recommendations

    a. (Also included if you would advise another student to do this, and whether interested others may read your trip report)

V. Next Steps/Follow up Actions

VI. Annexes:

a. List of Meetings & Key Events
b. Contacts: Person’s Name, Contact Info; Identify helpful people
c. Key Documents/Instruments/deliverables used or created/key meeting notes
d. Budget / Expenses – (Rough estimate of cost of doing your practicum.)
e. Photos of you working in the field/photos of the work