Engaging Effectively Across Differences: Diversity, Curiosity, and Questions

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February 25th, 2013


Engaging Effectively Across Differences: Diversity, Curiosity, and Questions 


RSVP: sleasman@bu.edu with full name and position/department

Academic and workplace environments today are more diverse than ever before. Developing effective communication, collaboration and leadership skills that address differences of culture, identity, age, professional status, gender, ethnicity and race (among others) are essential for success.

This experiential workshop will offer participants the hands-on opportunity to reflect and learn skills that support effective teamwork, enhance cooperation and commitment to achieve shared goals. Drawing on the experience of the Public Conversations Project (www.publicconversations.org), participants will learn how to strengthen working relationships, build trust and enhance collaboration in diverse environments. Participants will learn how reflection, inquiry, curiosity, and other scientific skills can be applied creatively to bridge differences. These skills are equally applicable when working with principal investigators, colleagues, and human beings, in general.

For more details, or to sign up, contact Caitlin Sleasman, sleasman@bu.edu. This workshop can accommodate 30 students only, so hurry and reserve your seat now!