Opportunity to work with Professors Feeley and Foster on a paper to be published by the Pardee Center

in Fellowships
November 13th, 2012

Student to find and abstract information from health system assessments conducted in post-conflict countries (including Sierra Leone, Liberia, Afghanistan, Somalia and Sri Lanka).  Professors Feeley and Foster are preparing a paper for a volume on remittances to post conflict states which will be published next year by the Pardee Center.  The primary focus of the paper is on the movement of money from refugee workers to dependents in the post conflict states.  Although generally focused only on financial remittances, there is interest in expanding the volume to include “remittances of human capital” eg, encouraging refugee health workers to return and practice in their home country.  The paper will build on a proposal earlier developed by Profs. Feeley and Foster to encourage expatriate health professionals to return home by continuing (as a development expense) their contributions to the public pension fund in the developed countries where they have been working.

Successful applicant will cooperate with Profs Feeley and Foster in developing the article and related exhibits.  Draft of article is due in early February, so research must occur in December or over Christmas Break.  Alas, no funding, but an effective RA on this project will be acknowledged in the published article.  This could be organized as a practicum if the student wishes.

If you are interested, please contact Prof Feeley by November 21st at ffeeley@bu.edu.