Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 3.59.04 PMThe BU Hub has launched a brand new website:

This exciting new resource features general information on the Hub, its capacities, areas, and learning outcomes. It also has a growing list of pre-approved courses, advising information, and opportunities to engage with the Hub’s Cross-College Challenge (XCC).


Registration for our 4-Day New Course Development Institute is now open! This August workshop will prepare BU instructors to create new Hub courses by providing them with knowledge, skills, and a supportive community of faculty from across the University. By the end of the institute, instructors will have completed or nearly completed a syllabus for their new BU Hub course. Participation in this workshop is stipended at $3,000; this sum is contingent upon successful submission of the course to the University Council General Education Committee by the faculty member’s school or college. Please register by August 7th to secure a spot!


BU Hub Events

The Center for Teaching & Learning will host a number of BU Hub related information sessions, workshops, and institutes.

Learn more about BU Hub Related Events

Hub Funding Opportunities

Detailed information on Hub funding opportunities, including application and workshop in-take forms for BU Hub course development and BU Hub cocurricular learning experiences, is now available. Please use the like below for additional information.

Learn more about Hub Funding Opportunities

BU Hub Guides

The CTL has developed a collection of concise teaching strategy guides that outline practices faculty have used and found effective.

View the complete list of our guides

Faculty Guide to Hub Curriculum

Here you will find an overview of the BU Hub’s distinctive vision and conceptual framework for university-wide general education, together with program requirements, student learning outcomes, and other information to help guide your participation.

Access the Faculty Hub Curriculum Guide

Learning Experience Templates


Constructing your BU Hub course syllabus and co-curricular learning experience is easier than ever when you build upon the foundation provided by these composite templates.

Download the Templates

Hub Proposal Form

Submit proposals here.