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Inclusive Teaching in BU Hub Specialty Courses

Designed for instructors of Hub specialty courses (i.e., social and racial justice courses, the Cross-College Challenge, cocurriculars, and interdisciplinary courses) and others interested in inclusive pedagogy (defined here), this is an annotated list of teaching strategies, organized into five categories: Starting Points, Syllabus & Assignment Design, Grading & Assessment, Classroom Climate & Community, and Equitable Classroom Discussion. Items under each heading are organized by complexity, so that the first item is the least complex and time consuming, and the second and third require more time and practice. 

Please note: This is not a set of requirements or a checklist; instructors should feel free to explore the strategies that connect to their own teaching goals and values. For more individualized guidance in navigating the many challenges of inclusive teaching, we encourage instructors to contact the Center for Teaching & Learning or speak to their colleagues.

Many of these resources require that you be signed into your BU account (as you would to access BU library materials or Google Apps content). Download this resource as a PDF.

Starting Points

Inclusive Pedagogy at BU

Megan Sullivan, Faculty Director, BU Inclusive Pedagogy Initiative

A primer for BU faculty, including a definition of inclusive teaching, tips for the BU context, and a set of key concepts and strategies.
Cards for Inclusive Teaching Strategies

The Center for Teaching Excellence & Innovation at Johns Hopkins

17 strategies in playing card format, each with icons that signal time and preparation required. Cards contain one strategy and the larger research behind it. 
Equity-Focused Teaching Strategies

The Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at University of Michigan 

A framework of five “elements” of equity-focused teaching, each with a series of concrete practices in bulleted format.

Syllabus & Assignment Design

Guide to Syllabus Design
The Center for Teaching and Learning at BU
Guidance on transparent and inclusive course policies that are learner-centered. 
Transparent Methods in Assignment Design

Transparency in Learning and Teaching Project 
Assignment templates, organized by discipline, that model transparency and equity.
Conceptualizing Syllabi for Inclusive Instruction
Addy et al., What Inclusive Instructors Do
[link to resource via Google Drive]
Begins with background on inclusive teaching, moves to a series of strategies to write an inclusive syllabus, ends with common pitfalls in course design.

Grading & Assessment

Practicing Equity-Centered Assessment
Anne Lundquist and Ciji Heiser
[link to resource via Google Drive]
A short intro to equitable assessment; includes four foundational concepts, with reflection questions.  
Reimagining the Grading Paradigm
BU Faculty Panel, moderated by BU faculty member Carrie Preston
Short video presentations from BU faculty on  alternatives to traditional grading, with faculty from various disciplines: STEM to humanities.  
Alternative Approaches to Traditional Grading: A Resource for Instructors
BU Faculty and CTL
A CTL Guide written by BU faculty supporting instructors new to alternative grading. 

Classroom Climate & Community

Creating Community Agreements with Your Students
Deborah Breen, BU CTL
Suggestions on building agreements, with examples that promote inclusive teaching and learning.  
Community Values Agreement
Sophie Godley, BU SPH
Drafted and signed by students, TAs, and the instructor, this set of agreements helps create an inclusive climate. 
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Tools for Teamwork: Asset-mapping
Elizabeth Stoddard and Geoff Pfeifer
A comprehensive approach to address bias and stereotyping in student groups by training students to work in equitable ways. 

Equitable Classroom Discussion

Making the Most of Hot Moments in the Classroom
The Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at University of Michigan.
A two-page handout that prepares instructors to guide students through difficult or contentious classroom discussion.
Navigating Difficult Moments
Bok Center at Harvard University 
A two-page handout that prepares instructors to guide students through difficult or contentious classroom discussion.
Microintervention Strategy
Derald Wing Sue et al.
[link to resource via Google Drive]
Seven tactics to intervene in troubling classroom interactions, with example statements.


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Created: March 2024
Lead Writer: Ben Keating, CTL; Editors: Deb Breen, CTL, Eric Jarvis, BU Hub.