Worker’s Compensation: Explanation

Worker’s compensation is a system that allows for an employee to receive wage replacement payments as well as payment of medical benefits if they sustain a work-related injury. In order to be considered a work-related injury an injury must be caused by and arise out of the course of employment. Since Massachusetts is a no fault system the employee does not have to prove any negligence or malicious intent on behalf of the employer in order to be considered a compensable injury.

The University is self-insured for worker’s compensation in Massachusetts. We currently use Cannon Cochran Management Services to administer our WC claims. Cannon Cochran is responsible for contacting the injured employee, following their recovery process and coordinating all the necessary medical treatment. They will work with the University to arrange a safe transition back to work. It is the University’s policy to return an employee to work as soon as medically possible. Often an employee may be able to return to work, but is not capable of performing all of the duties of his or her position. Risk Management will work with the injured worker’s supervisor to return the employee to a modified position until they are fully healed and capable of all of their former duties.