Third Quarter Confirmation

Quarterly Confirmation Template Instructions

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Q3 Confirmation Template Instructions


The following materials should be completed and returned via email to the Office of Budget and Planning (, no later than April 20, 2016.

The Quarterly Confirmation template is where you will record any material variances to the March Budget. The template is a consolidated view of the budgeted financial activity for your division/department. It includes:
• Current Year Actuals as of March 31, 2016
• Current Budget as of March 31, 2016 detailing Recurring and Non-Recurring Budgets
Instructions and Guidelines

• Each template worksheet includes two tabs: Summary and Details.

• The Summary tab contains summarized totals of the Detail tab by fund center groupings relevant to your respective area. The categories have been pre-determined and are how budget submissions are reported to Senior Leadership. If you have any questions on the fund center groupings, you should contact your Budget Analyst for additional information.
o No input is required for the Summary tab.
o Do not modify the categories or formulas on this worksheet. Its purpose is to provide a summary of your submission. All input must be made directly to the Detail tab.
o At the bottom of the Summary worksheet formulas have been added to aid in the reconciliation process. If any totals appear highlighted in pink in the Variance row, there is an issue with the detailed submission worksheet. If the Variance row shows all $0 and no cells are highlighted, it is ready for submission.

• The Detail tab contains all of the fund centers you are responsible for.

• Input columns include:

o Recurring adjustments
o Non-recurring adjustments
o Variance Comment

• Recurring Adjustments

o Enter the amount in this column only if there is an ongoing impact to future fiscal years. The amount should be entered as:
 Revenue = negative if it is an increase and positive if it is a decrease.
 Expense = positive if it is an increase and negative if it is a decrease.

o If an amount is entered into this column a brief variance comment should be noted but a separate memorandum detailing the adjustment should be included with the submission.

• Non-Recurring Adjustments

o Enter the amount of the variance in this column if the impact is one time only. The amount should be entered as positive if it is an increase and negative if it is a decrease.
 Revenue = negative if it is an increase and positive if it is a decrease.
 Expense = positive if it is an increase and negative if it is a decrease.

• Submission

o The submission column is a calculated total.
 It is the sum of the Current Year Budget column and the Recurring and Non-Recurring Adjustment columns.

• Variance Comment

o The variance explanation on the form is limited to 50 characters.
 Please note this 50 character description should aid in quickly identifying the item being requested. It is not meant to be a full justification.
 Include a separate memo with detailed explanations and justifications for adjustments to recurring funds.

o Variances related to existing positions must include position numbers in this field.

Quarterly Requested Adjustments

1) Each request must be in a unique row;
2) The first request can be placed in the existing row;

3) Any additional requests for the same fund center/commitment item combination require inserting additional rows. Insert row below fund center/commitment item you would like to adjust.

4) Copy and paste description above for Funds Center Category, Fund Center, Commitment Item, and CI Category columns;
a. Leave the Current Year Actuals, Current Year Budget, and Recurring/Non-Recurring Budget columns blank as these totals should remain constant.

5) Fill in individual amounts requested in individual rows with unique variance comments;

6) Copy formula from row above into inserted rows.

7) Once all requested funds have been added, verify the Summary page includes requested fund and totals Variance row equals $0.

8) Once complete remit submissions via e-mail to

Submissions should include:
• Q3 Confirmation template.
• Memo detailing adjustments to recurring and/or non-recurring budgets as appropriate.
• Any additional documentation you would like to provide.