Third Quarter Confirmation

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to inform you that Boston University’s Fiscal 2017 Third Quarter (Q3) Budget Confirmation process is ready to begin.  As in previous years, we will not be sending all areas a Q3 Budget Confirmation. An overall review and analysis will be done by our office and if we notice any unusual trends or have any concerns we may contact you directly for more information.  Please remember that even though you may not receive a formal confirmation request, we expect that you follow best business practices and perform an analysis internally. If you do not receive a Q3 Budget Confirmation request and have any concerns or issues we should know about please contact your budget analyst for assistance.

In preparation for year-end please be sure to submit all re-alignment requests to your budget analyst (Budget Re-Alignment Request Template). Specifically any estimated transfers to (from) other funds should be requested at this time. For those areas that report to the Provost office, specific guidelines regarding transfers will be issued shortly.

The deadline for all re-alignments and quarterly adjustments is Friday, April 21st.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly or anyone in the Office of Budget and Planning with any questions that you may have.  Thank you for your attention and assistance in this process.


Ines Garrant
Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning