Third Quarter Confirmation

Quarterly Confirmation Template Instructions

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Third Quarter Confirmation FAQ

The FY 14 Third Quarter Confirmation template is where you will record any variances to budget that you are submitting at Third Quarter Confirmation. The top of the page lists the income and expense budgets as of March 31, 2014 with your variances to be added on Rows 16 and lower. If the financial activity for your area is separated by department or activity, there will be a unique worksheet in the file for each of these divisions.


  • When entering information on each row, you should work from left to right filling in each column. If you skip over a column, the drop-down menus in subsequent columns may not work.
  • Portions of the worksheet are protected in order to ensure that the summary data at the top of the page is calculated correctly, but because of this protection feature, there are some restrictions:
    1. You cannot insert more rows to your spreadsheet. If you need to add additional rows, contact your Budget Analyst, and he or she will be able to assist you.
    2. You cannot adjust the column width.
    3. You can adjust the row height if needed; however, in most cases you will not need to adjust the row height because the worksheet is formatted to auto-adjust based on the input.

Column Title Descriptions and Explanations

Column A            Line Item
If you go beyond the item #s already listed on the document, please type in the next number.

Column B            Income / Expense
Use the drop-down menu to choose Income or Expense. This choice will determine the menu options available in subsequent columns.

Column C            Variance Category
Use the drop-down menu to choose one of the options.

Column D            Income / Expense Classification
Use the drop-down menu to choose one of the options. Your selection will determine which Commitment Items are available to choose from in Column F. If you are uncertain of which classification to choose, refer to the Commitment Items worksheet, which provides a list of the options (see Row 5), and the Commitment Items associated with each classification.

Column E            Fund Center
Use the drop-down menu to choose the applicable Fund Center. If a Fund Center appears to be missing from the list, you can type it in.

Column F            Commitment Item
Use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate Commitment Item.

Column G            Non-Recurring Amount
Enter the amount of the impact to the current fiscal year only. The amount should be entered as positive if it is an increase and negative if it is a decrease.

Column H            FTE
If the variance relates to adding a position, please enter the full-time equivalent for that position.

Column I            Variance Explanation
All variances should be fully explained in this field.

Column J            Position # (if applicable)
If your variance refers to an existing position, please enter the SAP position number here.