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Dear Colleagues,

As a follow up to my email on October 5th, I am now providing further information about the Fiscal 2022 Stage I Budget Development process. President Brown’s official memo to launch this process will be sent out later this week.

President Brown provided a memo to the University Leadership Group highlighting certain guidelines as you plan for Fiscal 2022. I would like to remind you of those specific directives:

Fiscal Year 2022 Budgeting Guidelines 

    1. Assume “flat” budgets for Fiscal Year 2022.  Flat means that the base/starting point for all units is the Fiscal 2021 budget after the recurring reductions were made as part of the budget reduction exercise.  Our intent is to restore all the one-time budget reductions that were put in place on July 1, 2020.  As part of these restorations we intend to restore contributions to the 403(b) Retirement Plan for all employees and salary reductions taken by senior leaders for FY2021, both effective July 1, 2021.  We cannot, however, guarantee these actions until we are further along in the current fiscal year.
    2. Fiscal Year 2022 budget meetings will be held in December and January.  Since any incremental expense funding, without associated revenue increases, will be at best sparse, we will not be providing templates to collect requests for new funding in advance of these meetings.  The meetings will be instead focused on the strategic use and/or necessary reallocation of resources to meet your critical functions.  Unfortunately, we still do not know whether additional budget reductions will be needed in Fiscal Year 2021.
    3. We will continue our freeze on open staff positions and capital/construction/technology project spending throughout Fiscal Year 2021.  All leaders and managers should look carefully at their allocation of positions across all funding sources, to make sure they align with their priorities, strategically redeploying existing positions as they become available.
    4. A complete review of all funding sources will be requested to accompany any new strategic initiatives absent of additional revenue generation.

Fiscal 2022 Stage I Budget Submission Deadlines

December 1st – for all areas with Sr. Leadership meetings scheduled in December

January 4th – for all areas with Sr. Leadership meetings scheduled in January

All memos should be returned via e-mail to Please feel free to contact your Budget Analyst directly for assistance or guidance with this process.

Thank You,

Ines Garrant

Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning