Second Quarter Confirmation

Second Quarter Confirmation

The Budget Office compiles and analyzes the data submitted on the Second Quarter Confirmation Templates to prepare for review by Senior Leadership. To streamline the process, we ask that you only include items on the Second Quarter Confirmation Template which contribute to an overall income or overall expense variance. You should not use this template to identify net $0 variances among the fund centers and commitment items within the area being reported on.

Second Quarter templates are customized and are not be available to download from the Budget and Planning website. They have been distributed to the appropriate recipients via the Budget Support Materials SharePoint site. We recognize that some areas may have a need to realign their current budgets in order to better track their fiscal position. To address this need, we have developed a separate Budget Re-Alignment Request Template, which you can submit at your convenience.

We encourage you to read through the Frequently Asked Questions below, and, if you need additional assistance, please contact your Budget Analyst at extension 353-4330.


Q2 Confirmation Template Instructions
Budget Re-Alignment Request
Q2 Transmittal Memo