Second Quarter Confirmation

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Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to inform you the Second Quarter Confirmation process has begun. All academic and administrative departments are asked to submit a Fiscal 2017 second quarter budget confirmation. The Second Quarter Confirmation process is intended to capture an itemized, concise summary of material net budget variances and the reasons for these forecast changes.

All submissions must include a memo detailing explanations for any variances. It is very important that any variance anticipated to continue into FY2018 be identified specifically detailing the reason for the continuing item and the impact to your previously submitted FY2018 Stage I budget.

As of the FY-2017 Q2 process all areas will submit via SAP’s Integrated Planning (IP) tool. This automated distributed tool allows us to start budget processes sooner and maximizes the amount of time areas have to submit.   In addition to the benefits that come with the length of time to complete the submission, efficiencies are also gained since most of the manual intervention to convert and upload spreadsheets now disappears.  We also have a more secure method of submitting and capturing this information.

FY2017 2nd Quarter Confirmation– Due Friday, January 27th

•    Instructions for the IP tool are located on the Budget website. A reminder, access will only be granted if you attended a training session.
•    All memos and supporting documentation should be returned via e-mail to
•    If you have no material variances to report please submit an email confirming you have no variances to report at this time to
•    Line item variances that do not contribute to the total income or total expense variance can be adjusted via the Budget Realignment Template.

Through the review of both the favorable and unfavorable issues incorporated into this confirmation, revisions to the Fiscal 2017 budget and the Fiscal 2018 planning budget will be made as required.

Please feel free to contact your Budget Analyst directly for assistance or guidance with this process.

Thank You,
Ines Garrant
Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning