• Where should I put author information?

PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY AUTHOR INFORMATION IN YOUR PDF FILE. You will be prompted for author information on the abstract submission form.

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  • What information should I include in the abstract?

Please include the title at the top of the abstract and a word count at the bottom. Please do not include any author information in the abstract.

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  • What is the abstract length limit?

Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words. Please note the word count for your abstract at the bottom of the abstract. One extra page for examples, tables, figures, and references is permitted.

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  • Are the title and references part of the word count?

No, references and the abstract title are not counted.

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  • How many abstracts can I submit?

Although each author may submit as many abstracts as desired, we will accept for presentation by each submitter a maximum of 1 first authored paper/poster. There is no longer any restriction on the number of acceptances for other author statuses.

Note that no changes in authorship (including deleting an author or changing author order) will be possible after the review process is completed.

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  • How will I know if you have received my abstract?

You will see a confirmation after you submit your abstract; and you will receive a confirmation email. This will serve as your official confirmation. Please contact us if you do not receive this email after your submission (it will be sent to the email address of the primary author).

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  • When is the deadline for submitting abstracts?

The deadline is 11:59 PM (submitter’s local time) on May 15th. We are sorry that we are unable to consider late abstracts.

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  • When and how will I find out if my abstract has been accepted or not?

Notice of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the authors  by e-mail in early August.

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  • What if I realize I’ve made a mistake?

If you realize you have made an error on the webforms or in your PDF file after you have submitted it, please contact us at langconf@bu.edu.

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  • How do I create a PDF file?

Free services/software for creating PDF documents are available from several sources, including:

http://www.adobe.com (free trial: five free documents)

Macintosh only: PDFs can be made on the MAC OSX operating system by selecting
“print” under the “file” menu of your word processing program. (Look for the “Save As PDF…” button in the print window).

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  • If my paper is accepted but the scheduled time is not convenient for me, can I request that the time be changed?

Because of the difficulty to changing the schedule once it is set, we are not able to honor any requests for a change in schedule. Presenters who must schedule their presentation on certain days for religious reasons should make that known at the time of abstract submission. There is a comment box on the submission form for such requests.

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