Student Spotlight


Han Hu

B.S. / Bioengineering / Sichuan University / 2007

Advisor: James Zaia

Current Projects

Han works in the Proteoglycan and Glycosaminoglycan Structure Laboratory.

Heparan sulfate isomer prediction using tandem MS spectrometry data
Han is developing a network-based algorithm to help deduce heparan sulfate (HS) isomers from HS mixtures with tandem MS. This approach takes into consideration of the relationship between detected masses within spectrum, as well as the relationship of the masses across different spectra, and can significantly reduce the amount of non-meaningful HS candidates.

Pipeline for processing glycomics LC tandem MS data
Han is constructing a pipeline, which will be able to process glycan LC tandem MS data directly from different vendor raw files. It starts with standard signaling processing algorithms widely adopted in proteomics field, and will integrate downstream glycan profiling and sequencing algorithms which are being developed in our group.