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    Rich Barlow is a senior writer at BU Today and Bostonia magazine. Perhaps the only native of Trenton, N.J., who will volunteer his birthplace without police interrogation, he graduated from Dartmouth College, spent 20 years as a small-town newspaper reporter, and is a former Boston Globe religion columnist, book reviewer, and occasional op-ed contributor. Profile

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There are 24 comments on Good-bye, Professor Bacevich

  1. Thank you, Andy Bacevich, for your devotion to the students of Boston University, your personal investment in your colleagues and this university, and your always lively mind and observations. Best wishes for the next chapter, literally and figuratively.

  2. We are losing a remarkable colleague. It’s not easy to find someone who brings such grassroots experience to the IR classroom. The article made several good points. Losing a son in a war you do not believe in is a tragedy, much more than I can understand; may he rest in peace.

  3. Congratulations on your retirement Professor Bacevich. I took a class of yours in the spring of 2013, America Military Experience. It was your passion, your bluntness and your constant challenge to the class to engage in the world that has driven me to pursue a master international relations and ultimately a career. Our first class together I told you, you intimidated me. You did, which isn’t easy. But you lit a spark and a passion in me to make noise on the international stage, to apply common sense to it all. I wish you nothing but the best and I thank you for the wake up call you delivered on not only issues of international relations and war but the history and trend in our nation’s response. Good luck and god bless, and I truly do hope you continue to write because I will continue to read.

  4. Professor Bacevich, you were one of the best among a sterling field of teachers and thinkers I have encountered over the years at BU. Your often blunt and sometimes searing assessments, coupled with only the most challenging questions, forced us all to think more clearly and to seek a deeper understanding of the issues, always. You will be sorely missed. Thank you for everything, Jim Bartlett

  5. Dear Prof. Bacevich. I first became aware of you through your son years ago when he was our student on a team at College of General Studies. You were kind enough to speak with our students and faculty at a World Affairs Forum and I began following your writings and talks on tv. Though never your student, I have found your ideas about the over militarization of American policy literally inspiring and sustaining. So many confusing bits and pieces of the news of American misadventures in Iraq in the past decades come into comprehensible focus in light of your perspective derived from the credibility of your military background and acute historical scholarship.

    While a shift of emphasis from teaching to writing may have occasioned your retirement at this tine, I am sure your edifying impact on the BU community and our American society will continue.

    I wish you a productive and satisfying retirement.

  6. If only there were more voices like yours, perhaps the country’s future would look more promising. Wisdom is in very short supply in our government and media. Your continued efforts are needed and welcome.

  7. Congrats Professor Bacevich, I met you at a local book reading and am proud to be affiliated with BU because of people like you. I look forward to reading more of your writing!

  8. Professor Bacevich- I shall look everywhere for your wisdom –THANK YOU
    How sad I am that I have only learned of you,your experience,your Grace,your knowledge,and your
    writing and teaching skills at this late stage of my life. However,I am thrilled and grateful that I saw
    You on BILL MOYERS on June 22,2014….oh, my goodness to think I might have missed you & that
    Show is scarey..On my I-pad early this am I read your bio & of your departure from teaching..I “get it”
    Thinking,with layers of evidence &historical facts has become obsolete..And I am on the verge of 88 yrs.

  9. While I didn’t have the good fortune of being able to interact directly with Prof. Bacevich during his 16 years at BU, I have followed his writing in the press and his many appearances on television and radio. Prof. Bacevich has become a true public intellectual, speaking from the academy in ways that have the potential to affect important policy debates taking place in this country. His message is not a popular one among large segments of the the American public: a.) U.S. power in the world has limits; b.) “endless war” weakens the very foundations of our democracy. As someone with actual military experience, he has had the courage to tell all of the armchair warriors who have gotten us into the Iraq and Afghan wars that their grandiose schemes were not going to work, and they haven’t. (They have, of course, benefited the “bottom line” of many sectors of the military-industrial complex, to use President Eisenhower’s still timely term.) I look forward to Prof. Bacevich’s future displays of wisdom and plain old common sense as this country skates near the edge of yet another chapter in our national saga of “endless war.”

  10. Dear Mr. Bacevich,

    I recently saw you on Bill Moyers. Boy, was I blown away. You are right on the money. I feel your wisdom and knowledge could definitely be used as our next president. Please, please think about running. We’ve had too many bozos in the White House. Thank you.

  11. Your insights on the US military and foreign policy, based on your experience, are well thought out and well presented. Your views on the negative effect of a “standing army”on our democracy were understood by many of the founders. I look forward to reading more of your work. So much of humanity’s perpetual violence seems based on religious conflict. I hope to see some of your insights about this subject in writing in the future. Best of luck on your retirement.

  12. I wish I had been a student of Andrew Bacevich, but I have learned much from his interviews. As a senior citizen, I have observed and been distressed by the very mistaken tactics of the US government. Mr. Bacevich is one of the few voices I have heard to speak such thoughts aloud. Thank you!

  13. I applied to the MA program at BU, hoping to earn the opportunity to study under Dr. Bacevich. I was crestfallen, to say the least( I even cried), when I was informed that he would no longer be teaching. I have read almost all of his books and many of his op-eds. His opinions and arguments have played a major role in shaping mine( and inspiring me to pursue higher education). I am more than grateful to his service to this country, both militarily and scholarly. I can not thank you enough for all your efforts, you’re work has truly inspired me not only to be a better student but a better American. Enjoy your retirement.

    P.S.There is a Facebook page called Andrew Bacevich for President, I hope that you would consider running.

  14. Colonel-

    Your clarion call for a much more engaged citizenry must not go unanswered. Rampant ahistorcism threatens both democracy at home as well as our misguided efforts to transport it by the end of a rifle to the four corners of the world. With my Oldest Son now serving as a 19Delta, I have become acutely aware of your well-placed concerns as to the disconnect between citizenship and service, as well as between policymakers and implementors who have come to embrace military action as the first and default choice of how to engage the US on the world stage. Your next work on the Middle East 1980 to present is thus eagerly awaited. Peace be with You and Yours, Sir.

  15. I recently learned of Andrew Bacevich and am reading “Washington Rules” and have been searching for an alternative to our present situation with regard to the Middle East. We keep making more and more enemies all the time. Prof. Bacevich is exploring our place in the world from a perspective which needs more attention.

  16. There is warmth that stirs the soul when reading an author who can clearly define an issue and support his views so compellingly. Those illuminating moments when you realize that you have been enlightened and educated are priceless and rare. I have read everything Andrew Bacevich has published and I hope that there is much more to come. Many thanks and Best wishes.

  17. Thank you Professor Bacevich for your service, thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for speaking truth to power. ( I saw you on PBS News Hour 6-10-15 doing it again.) Thank You!
    Bob Reckers
    PS They named my town after a guy like you!

  18. That pbs interview this evening was hilarious, one of the most interesting segments of the NEWS HOUR I’ve ever seen. Judy handled the situation so deftly. The liberty of your sorting out of the muddled half-thinking of the commander was like a little really entertaining electrocution. Just your titles are amazing and delightful revelations.

    What a shame we no longer have media. They learned from Viet Nam not to cover protest, not to have a draft, and not to broadcast real news any more, particularly popular political and economic demonstrations by young people. All this should be persecuted as treason. Here in the plutarchy, that’s what passes for learning. A democracy can’t function buried alive in disinformation and Animal House-like GOP obliviousness, like perpetually date-rape-drugging the whole citizenry.

    Superb you’ll keep writing. Things begin to happen. The Dark Age may be temporary in the long run, I hope. I pray.

  19. I’ve never been prouder as a BU graduate after Col. Bacevich’s appearance on PBS News Hour opposite Leon Panetta and Michelle Flournoy who both fill me with dread as foreign policy advisors for Hillary Clinton. Bacevich talked facts (“with all due respect”) while the backstabber Panetta and stay-at-home mom warrior Flournoy sounded like junior Republicans, full of phony rhetoric for reinvolving our country in the world’s anus.

  20. Just hope you stay involved in public affairs, since you have the best mind since General James M. Gavin.

    I wish you would advise Senator Sanders in his campaign for the presidency.

  21. I just read an essay he wrote in Harper’s Magazine on American Emperium. He does a great job of weaving our country’s history into an historical quilt that shows questionable decision-making by our leaders. As he puts it:

  22. Tomorrow I get to hear Mr. Bacevich speak at a local college. I’ve long admired his clear, concise and lucid prose, touched with the occasional precisely aimed barb at the arrogant and socially inbred idiots running this country into the ground with their unfounded, never doubting belief in militarism as the default mechanism for what passes for foreign policy. A true patriot and thinker who, recognizes both morality and what is practically possible and is thus unfit for service in our nation’s capitol.

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