Spring 2010 Courses

CAS AM 200 A1 Intro to American Studies An introductory seminar to the ideas, methods, and historical materials in American Studies. Interdisciplinary readings explore the evolution of the field and analyze the ways in which American national purpose has been idealized over time in art, film, and literature. Queen TR 11:00-12:30

CAS AM 250 A1 Special Topics in American Studies: An American Study of Baseball An undergraduate seminar that will study baseball as an extension of American society. Students will research the game’s historical myths and expose its social realities, exploring the ways in which baseball mirrored, challenged, and altered the national landscape. Civille TR 9:30-11

*AM 250 carries Writing Program credit for CAS WR 150.

CAS AM 502 A1 Perspectives on the American Experience; Dressing Democracy: Clothing and Culture in America Touted as the only nation where citizens could not be classified by their appearance, Americans were nevertheless anxious about fashion, etiquette, and deportment. Surveying a wide range of sources in literature, history, and consumer culture, this course will examine questions of dress and manners in nineteenth and early twentieth-century America. Carlson TR 12:30-2

CAS AM 524 New England Cultural Landscapes A seminar that will examine the historic forces that have shaped distinctive regional landscapes of New England, and catalogue the changing forms that made up that landscape.  This course will focus primarily on rural, small-town, and residential neighborhood landscapes in town and cities over four centuries. This seminar will review the house types found within them and the pattern of their arrangement into streetscapes and developments. Readings will be selected from the fields of social and cultural history, giving students an opportunity for interdisciplinary reading, discussion, and research. Offered as MET AM 524. Dempsey M 2:00-5:00 pm