Summer 2011 Courses

Summer I (May 18th – June 25th)

AM 301 Perspectives on the American Experience: Topic for Summer 2011: Three Centuries of Shopping in America. An interdisciplinary course that explores the practice of shopping in America from the early republic to the present. Students learn how to study material and visual culture in historical context, as well as how to think critically about their own shopping practices. Special consideration is given to race, gender, and class differences in shopping, and to how these practices have changed over time. Throughout the course students consider the extent to which America is or has always been, as historians have variously called it: “an empire of goods,” a society of “conspicuous consumption,” a “land of desire,” or “a consumers’ republic.” LeFebvre T W TH 6-8:30 pm

Summer II (June 28th – August 6th)

AM 371 Art and Architecture in Boston: Explores art and architecture in Boston from 1630 to the present, with particular emphasis on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Frequent walking tours, gallery visits, and site visits; independent research leading to a class presentation and final paper. Themes include the city’s physical growth, the emergence of the museum as a cultural force, and the relationship of political, cultural, and social contexts to the city’s art and architecture. Sirman T TH 10-12 & 1-3