Undergraduate Concentration – Introduction

The American & New England Studies program offers an intellectually diverse, flexible, student-centered major exploring the richness of the American experience within national and global contexts. By drawing upon a variety of intellectual traditions, students learn to understand and interpret disparate American cultures as they are expressed in a range of forms: from 17th century buildings to electronic media and from fine art to patterns of political engagement.

Concentrators work with renowned and wide-ranging faculty, located across departments and schools, to tailor their own interdisciplinary course of study to meet individual interests and goals. Scholarly undertakings might involve analyzing blues lyrics or interpreting beauty pageants, commenting on professional sports or critiquing 20th century pulp fiction; but no matter what the project or specific set of classes, students learn to evaluate evidence, structure arguments, and think critically about the world around them. The skills and knowledge gained in the major can help students interested in careers in journalism, education, law, communications, business, and other fields.

Contact: Professor William Huntting Howell, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Boston University American and New England Studies, 226 Bay State Road, Boston, MA 02215 Phone: 617-353-2948; Email: whhowell@bu.edu; Web: www-staging.bu.edu/amnesp