Current Students and Dissertation Prospectus or Area of Interest

Texts in bold type are approved dissertation prospectus titles; those in normal type are areas of student research interests.

Aaron Ahlstrom: history of American landscape design, historic preservation, and environmental history

Evan Barros: “Noise Makers: Electric Currents in American Popular Music since the 1950s.”

Rebekah Beaulieu: “Designing Culture: The Creation, Preservation, and Interpretation of Three Historic Houses in the American Midwest”

Jacob Begin“Gone But Not Forgotten: The Temporality and Technique of Portraiture on Gravestones in Rhode Island”

George Born: “Home Rule: Local Historic Districting in the New Boston, 1953-1983″

Philip (P.J.) Carlino: how the history of design and production has shaped American identities.

Tessa Croker: twentieth century American cultural history, the Cold War, the 1950s, Disney, Anglo-American relations and Alistair Cooke

Emma Czaja: design history, decorative arts, material culture, and 19th century American history

Kathleen Daly“Fit to Mother: Women, Architecture, and the Performance of Health, 1865-1930.”

Christine D’Auria: American literature and culture studies, 1850s through the 1930s

Daniel DeFraia: 19th century American literature and history, particularly concerning financial crises.

Megan Dawley: literary satire and socio-political reform in Gilded Age America

Jamie Devol: 19th and early 20th century architecture and American thought

William Edmonstone: documentary photography, transnational American Studies with a focus on diaspora, migration, race, class, and literatures of U.S. imperial history in the 19th and 20th century

Paul J .Edwards: “Louis Douglas and Jonny spielt auf, Imagining Blackness in Interwar Germany”

Katy Evans Pritchard: late nineteenth and early twentieth century landscape, urban design, and institutional development and their representations in literature

Adrea Hernandez: Latino culture and society and the U.S. criminal justice system.

Neal Knapp: environmental history

Rachel Kopelman: Late 19th & early 20th century cultural history; Civil War memory; gender; visual & material culture

Niki Lefebvre“Beyond the Flagship: Politics & Transatlantic Trade in the American Department Store, 1859-1949″

Sarah Leventer: “Beasts of the Southern Screen: The Global South in Post-1960s American Cinema”

Catherine Martin: Early American radio and television, hardboiled detective fiction, representations of women in adventure programs, popular culture, and consumerism

Kristi Martin : 19th century American culture; Transcendentalism; Concord, MA;  cemeteries; death/grief/mourning practices; house museums; and literary tourism

Amanda Mayo: Transnational and Korean American foodways

Channon Miller“Black Fragmentation Disrupted, Black Motherhood Recast: Black Women’s Resistance on the Borderlands of Cross-Ethnic Interaction”

Jason Michelitch: avant-garde cinema and experimental non-fiction film

Emma Newcombe: “‘A Place Rendered Interesting': Antebellum Print Culture and the Rise of Middle-Class Tourism.”

Matthew Noferi : Film, TV, and Radio Studies; popular media of the 1960s and 1970s; Elvis Presley; 1960s counterculture

Sarah O’Connor: the politicization and subversion of the traditional family in the United States, as represented in literature, history and popular media; feminist and queer theory

Samuel PalfreymanAmerican cultural landscapes, historic preservation, and environmental history with a particular emphasis on Mormon material culture.

Clare Ploucha: Recent U.S. history and the relationship between public history, popular culture, and social movements; women’s history; material culture and historical fiction

Jordan Pouliot: gender, sexuality, and family; poverty and capitalism; the military and the state.

Robert Ribera“As a Soldier, an Artist, and a Man: Art and War in the works of Walt Disney, John Huston, Jacob Lawrence, and Bill Mauldin.”

Sam Shupe: nineteenth century cultural and social history with a particular interest in leisure and recreation from the perspective of the built environment and material culture

C. Ian Stevenson: the interplay of the built environment and landscapes, including architectural, environmental and social history, especially of the nineteenth century

Christopher Stokum: history of early American education, educational theory, and religious thought

Katheryn Viens: the cultural effects of early 19th-century railroads, including technology, capitalism, and labor