Recent Major Projects

Each student in the Preservation Studies Program completes a final major project that is the culmination of their work at Boston University. Listed below are some of the recent projects.

Group Projects

Many Master’s students take this route to completing their degree, working with Professor Eric Dray and his predecessor Gretchen Schuler to complete a planning document for a client community through AM 754 Preservation Planning Colloquia or with other faculty through AM 780 Problems in Historic Preservation. Organized by year of project (not student graduation dates).

  • 2010: Heritage Landscape Program Reports, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.
    Chatham: Erin Chapman, Kate Gehlke, Leo Greene, and Amie Schaeffer.
    Eastham: Maria Kohls, Barbara Kurz, Jaymie Law, and Robin Osten.
  • 2008: Heritage Landscape Program Reports, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.
    Brewster, Dennis, and Harwich: Shelby Graham, Kim Hanna, Meghan Hanrahan, Georgianna Hess, Amy McCollum, and Natalie Schmitt-Wampler
  • 2006: Preservation Plan for Provincetown, MA, Laura Kline, Diane Parcon, Katie Kowall Reed, and Annie Rotner.
  • 2003: Preservation Plan for Wayland, MA, Ellen Berichon and Katherine Mittelbusher.
  • 2001: Creek Farm: Past, Present, Future, Deborah Baskin, Christopher Brown, Sarah Di Sano, Erica Glanz, Sarah Griffith, Rachel Kane, Edward Mitchell Stanley, and Elaine Brown Stiles.

Individual Master’s Projects

  • 2011:
    Sean Maher, “Investigation of a Local House Type Illustrating Adaptive and Transitional Framing Practices in Southern Essex County, Massachusetts.”
  • 2009:
    Dayl Cohen, “The Vilna Shul on Beacon Hill: Adorning an American Immigrant Synagogue.”

    Mackenzie Dickie, “A Typology of Textile Mill Buildings and Mill Yards for Massachusetts.”

    Casey Horna Pecoraro, “Heritage and Community Identity: Suburban Development in Williamsburg, Virginia.”

    Elizabeth Sims (JD/MA), “Community Benefits Agreements: Potential for Better Brownfields Redevelopment.”

  • 2006:

    Elizabeth Ware. “The Preservation of America’s Lighthouses: A Review of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000.”

    Christopher Moore, “An Adaptive Use Proposal for the Mary Immaculate of Lourdes Parish Complex, Newton , MA.

  • 2005:
    Alyson Mamourian JD/MA “Designation and Regulation of Historic Religious Properties: Applying the Free Exercise Clause under RLUIPA.”
  • 2004:

    Eileen Wilde “Crafting a Commercial Aesthetic on the Outer Cape: Tourism and Car Culture on Cape Cod.”

    Erin Autry “Jaffrey Mill, New Hampshire, Historic Preservation Tax Certification Application.”

    Traci Roloff, “Adequate Light and Proper Ventilation: The Multifamily Housing of the North End, 1883-1910.”

  • 2002:

    Kate Matison: Bigelow Chapel, Story Chapel, and Administration Building: Context & Analysis.”

  • 2001:

    Kenneth Hays: “Historic Structure Report, Christ Church, Cambridge, MA.”

    Timothy Orwig: “Three Nineteenth-Century Massachusetts Almshouses and the Origins of American Poorhouse Architecture.”

    Chares Angus Fraser, “Historic Structure Report, The Egyptian Revival Front Gate, Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA.”