Classes from 1990-1993

John Patrick Acevedo (COM’90) of Columbia, Md., completed his first book of poetry, about “the ambivalent relationship between head and heart.” He writes, “I am finally taking advantage of my degree in P.R. by self-publishing and promoting my book at area bookstores and universities that feature ‘open mikes.’” John would love to hear from past roommates and old friends at

Elizabeth Valdes Blandon (CAS’90, COM’90) of Miami, Fla., is an associate at the law firm of Shutts & Bowen, specializing in insurance, personal injury, and product liability litigation. E-mail her at

Leadia Lundal Dzurisin (COM’90) of Crystal Lake, Ill., is a promotions and special events manager for Motorola. She and her husband, Kirk, have a year-old son, Hayden James, and are expecting another child in March. Leadia would love to hear from Chicago-area alumni at

Lucy Maddock (CAS’90, GRS’93) of Barrington, R.I., writes, “After completing a master’s in medieval religious history (heresy and torture), which naturally led to a brief career in advertising, I moved to Rhode Island five years ago.” She works in the “family business,” a radiation therapy clinic in Warwick. Lucy adds, “I started a book group and was recently invited to join the Rhode Island Shakespearean Society, which is not unlike a black-tie fraternity for grown-ups, without the kegs.” She also reprints and sells antique Irish books. Lucy lives with “my four-and-a-half-year-old daughter, a pair of overweight cats, and the requisite yellow lab mutt.” She would love to hear from old friends and colleagues at

Scot Marshall (CAS’90) of Los Angeles, Calif., is a manager at Deloitte Consulting. He received his M.B.A. from the Anderson School at UCLA in 1996, after four years at Citicorp. E-mail him at

Matthew Martin (CAS’90, MED’95,’98) of Tacoma, Wash., is a second-year resident in general surgery. In April he came back to Boston to run the Boston Marathon with his former roommate, Bob Clarke (ENG’90), who is doing a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard. Matthew would love to hear from old friends, fraternity brothers, RAs, or others at

Bill Mitchell (CAS’90, MET’95) of Pearl City, Hawaii, a Navy lieutenant commander, is stationed at Pearl Harbor with his wife, Colleen Fraley Mitchell (CAS’90), and their son, John Robert, 5. They would love to hear from fellow alumni, especially those from NROTC, at

Brian Otten (CAS’90) is still living in London, UK and running a computer consulting company doing work for Cisco Systems. Brian and his family recently visited family and friends in NY and NC in the USA. He has recently heard from Adil Mazhar (CAS ’90) and would love to hear from more of the Warren Towers 11A crew. He can be reached at

Jen Arangio Papasodoro (SAR’90) of Burlington, Mass., and her husband Mike, announce the birth of their son, Nicholas James, on July 24.

Jeff Prowse (SED’90) and Debbie Meyn Prowse (SED’91) of Jacksonville, N.C., would like to hear from old SED and NROTC friends. Jeff works at the Osprey Melon Ranch, a nonprofit alternative agricultural organization. He has also recently started an entertainment consulting firm, Silly Clown Show Productions. E-mail them at

Cathy Duddy (SAR’91) of Arlington, Mass., received a master’s degree in physical therapy from the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions.

Mark Fishkin (CAS’91) of New York, N.Y., is business and development manager of, a travel Web site. He completed his M.B.A. at NYU’s Stern School of Business. Mark is planning to marry Adria Lavinsky of Ventnor, N.J., in the fall of 2000. He is still in touch with Barbara Schack (CFA’93), Lynan Holochuck (SMG’92), and Susan Schaffer (CAS’91). Mark says “hello to all Student Union, Programming Council, and BU-64 folk.” E-mail him at

Christopher Hewitt (CAS’91) of Allenhurst, N.J., is a Webster Society Scholar at Washington University, where he is a first-year law student.

Kenneth Jewell (LAW’91) of Pomona, N.Y., is a partner in the accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche. He is also the Connecticut practice leader of multistate tax services.

Shari Simon Judenberg (SMG’91, CGS’89) of Marietta, Ga., gave birth to her first child, Jenny Lee, this summer. She writes, “I retired from human resources and law firm management to be a full-time mom. I love it!” Shari adds, “I still see Gregg Grossman (SMG’91, CGS’89) regularly. He is getting married on Memorial Day.” E-mail her at

Sylvia Medina Klein (CAS’91, CGS’90) of Miami, Fla., and her husband, David, are the parents of Michael, 2, and Briana, 1. Sylvia hopes to finish her doctorate soon. She would love to hear from old friends at

Ilene Penn (COM’91) of New York, N.Y., is executive director of the Cure for Lymphoma Foundation. Previously she was a senior associate at Podesta Associates, where she advised clients in the environmental and telecommunications industries.

Lori Rigberg Rice (COM’91) of Port Chester, N.Y., writes, “Even though I said I’d never live in New York or raise children there, I recently moved here with my husband, Jim, and we are expecting our first child. I still keep in touch with Donna Vigliotti DiCuffa (COM’91), Aldo DiCuffa (COM’90, CAS’90), Sean Moriarty (COM’90), and Reece Harris (UNI’93). I’d like to hear from any of my old BU friends with whom I’ve lost touch.” E-mail Lori at

Carol Wasden (COM’91) of Beachwood, Ohio, is director of college guidance at Hawken School. She would love to hear from any BU alums in the area at

Kris Bienkowski (SED’92) of New London, Conn., is principal of Griswold Elementary School. She writes, “I am quite busy with the new job, but would like to hear from old friends at BU. Hope everyone is well.” E-mail her at

Christopher Chicoine (SMG’92) of Brookline, Mass., is vice president of information systems for Jeepers!, Inc., in Waltham, Mass. E-mail him at

Laura Chung (SMG’92) of Boulder, Colo., moved from New York City “to enjoy the outdoors, the 300 days a year of sunshine, and to continue a systems implementation consulting practice.” She would love to hear from old friends and classmates at

David C. Espig (CAS’92) of London, England, recently moved to the U.K. to become European marketing manager for Pasteur Merieux-Merck, Sharp & Dohme Pharmaceuticals. He would love to hear from classmates at

Tamara McCartney (COM’92) of Greenville, S.C., is an account group manager at Jeff Dezen Public Relations, where she manages the sports and lifestyle division. She would love to get back in touch with old COM friends at tamaram@jdpr@com.

Michele Mintz (COM’92, CGS’90) of Brookline, Mass., has recently moved back to the Boston area and would love to hear from classmates living nearby at

Umar Mustafa (CAS’92) of Islamabad, Pakistan, runs Serendip Productions, a television production company. He also recently launched a multimedia company, Zipp Communications, which is completing its first title for tourism promotion. E-mail Umar at

Jessica June Davis (STH’93, LAW’96) of Baltimore, Md., was running for mayor of the city of Baltimore when she wrote. She hosts a daily radio program called The Moral Agenda on WBGR 860 AM.

Karen Lane DeRosa (COM’93) and Tony DeRosa (CAS’91), of Fairfield, Ohio, announce the birth of their son, Samuel Steven, in July. Karen started her own communications and campaign consulting company, Hub Communications Inc., in the Cincinnati area. Tony completed his master’s degree in political science while teaching Naval ROTC at Miami University of Ohio.

Jeffrey Engelsman (LAW’93) of Ellicott City, Md., works in the legal department of Deutsche Asset Management. He and his wife, Beth, were expecting their second child in November. E-mail Jeff at

Gretchen Gettel (CAS’93) of West Rutland, Va., is pursuing her Ph.D. at Cornell University in the biogeochemistry program. She has done field work in Alaska, north of the Arctic Circle, and in Venezuela. Gretchen writes, “I would love to hear from anyone I’ve lost touch with, especially from the Harriet E. Richards House.” E-mail her at

Jae Kwak (SMG’93) of Honolulu, Hawaii, is manager of Bank of Hawaii’s Chinatown branch in Honolulu. He is a former president of the Hawaii Alumni Association. Jae also served as charter president of the Honolulu Korean Junior Chamber of Commerce. He and his wife, Christy, married in June and recently bought a house. Alan Huberman (SMG’93, CGS’91) and Edd Evans (CAS’94) were groomsmen at the wedding. Jae would love to hear from former classmates and dormmates from Sleeper and Shelton Halls. He writes, “I still look for my dorm in pan shots of Fenway.” E-mail him at

Maria Maestranzi (LAW’93) of New Hyde Park, N.Y., married Michael Paciullo in June. She is an attorney with the corporate department of Rivkin, Radler, and Kremer. She says hello to all her former classmates. E-mail Maria at

Jason Massman (CAS’93, COM’93) of West Bloomfield, Mich., received an M.B.A. in finance from the University of Texas in May and has joined the financial management group at Ford Motor Company’s Visteon components division. Prior to entering graduate school, he worked in Asia in financial journalism and investment banking. “It’s nice to work for a company that actually makes something for a change,” he writes. E-mail Jason at

Paul Porvaznik (COM’93) of Chicago, Ill., is an associate with the law firm of Kelly, Olson, Michod & Siepker in Chicago, practicing commercial litigation, employment law, and trade secrets litigation. He has kept in touch with Dave Brandau (CAS’93), Andrew Yerre (CAS’94), Sanjoy Musunuri (CAS’91, GSM’95), and various other BU friends “spread all across the country from Manhattan to San Francisco to Dallas.” He would like to hear from any BU alums in the Chicago area at

Scott Wilson (SMG’93) of Middlebury, Conn., his wife, Betty, and their son, Justin, returned to Connecticut after traveling around the world during more than six years of active duty in the Army. Scott is now an information technology “black belt” in General Electric’s Six-Sigma Quality program. He is also deputy public information officer for the Connecticut Army National Guard. Scott sends his greetings to all Army ROTC and BU baseball alumni. E-mail him at

Melissa O’Malley Zieger (CAS’93) of Zurich, Switzerland, married Marc Zieger in March 1999. Melissa works at UPAQ, an Internet firm. E-mail her at