Classes from 1986-1989

Susan Arbetter (COM’86) of Albany, N.Y., is news director at public radio WAMC. The station won a Scripps-Howard Award for Excellence in electronic journalism and a special mention from the National Press Club for a series on the cleanup of the Hudson River. Susan writes, “Hello to the gang from 11C, including Murphy, Jay and Jay, Melly, Mundo, and Bobo. And, oh yeah, hello to Andy too. And where are you, Winston? E-mail me pronto.” Contact her at

Gina Fiore (CAS’86) of Santa Monica, Calif., writes that she is a “visual effects producer in La La Land.” She is looking for Pam Brooks Tully (SMG’86), Heather Athanasiou-Smith (SMG’86), Fran Andrade (SMG’86), and Matthew Olsen (ENG’87). E-mail Gina at

Nancy Cohen Labell (COM’86) of Auburndale, Mass., is a senior communications officer at State Street Global Advisors, where she creates customized communications campaigns for large corporate clients. She recently bought a new house. E-mail Nancy at

Lynne Merz (SMG’86, CGS’83) of Boston, Mass., is business unit manager at Romac International, Inc.

Phyllis Fidler Korcz (MET’87) of Schenectady, N.Y., is pursuing her M.B.A. full-time at Syracuse University and is working for the Army. She plans to move to northern Virginia next August. Phyllis writes, “I would love to hear from HO/FO classmates.” E-mail her at

Mary Drach McInnes (GRS’87,’94) of Alfred, N.Y., curated an exhibition entitled Telling Histories at the Boston University Art Gallery from October through mid-December.

Jack Riccardi (COM’87) of San Antonio, Tex., moved his midday radio talk show to KTSA 550 AM in San Antonio after five years at another station. KTSA’s Web site,, broadcasts his show from 9 to 11 a.m. CST. He would love to hear from COM and WTBU friends at

Tom Wilson (CAS’87, CGS’84) of Steamboat Springs, Colo., moved from Denver last fall with his wife, Debbie, and daughters, Emma, 4, and Caroline, 2 1/2. Tom works with Century 21 Ski Town Associates. He writes, “Look me up if you are in town. We love it here.” E-mail Tom at

John Glavin (GSM’88) of Glen Ellyn, Ill., recently moved to Illinois with his wife, Cindy, and their two children. He is a senior telecom architect for Sun Microsystems’ central telecommunications region, focusing on the wireless industry. E-mail John at

Colleen Kennedy (ENG’88) of Tucson, Ariz., is a design engineer at Krebs Engineers, a manufacturer of cyclone separators for the heavy equipment industry. She writes, “I spent a long weekend in July at the Saturn homecoming in Spring Hill, Tennessee, with thousands of other Saturn owners. My new Arizona license plate reads ‘I4C14U2.’” E-mail Colleen at

Michael Routch (CAS’88) of Duncansville, Pa., and his wife, Shari, celebrated the arrival of their second daughter, Sydney Allison, on October 15. Michael is a partner in the law firm of Evey, Routch, Black, Dorezas, Magee & Levine LLP.

John Hiers (SED’89) of Chattanooga, Tenn., is director of human resources at Roadtec, Inc. He remarried in November of 1998. E-mail John at

F. Mark Modzelewski (CFA’89) of New York, N.Y., is the “number two person” at Niehaus Ryan Wong, an Internet consulting group, where he is in charge of accounts and new business development. He writes, “I recently saw a great show by Tom Boland (CFA’89) in Chelsea.” E-mail Mark at

Karen Strick (CAS’89) of Arlington, Va., received her master’s degree in public administration from George Washington University and is a consultant at Booz, Allen, & Hamilton in McLean, Va. E-mail her at

Ian Randal Strock (CAS’89) of Brooklyn, N.Y., is editor of Artemis, a magazine that blends science articles with fiction and is slated to debut in spring 2000. For more information on Artemis, check out or e-mail Ian at