Failing Grades and Academic Progress

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Policy

Failing Grades

When the work of a course has not been completed within the semester of registration, the grade of I is used. Incomplete grades must be resolved within the time period allowed by the individual school or college of enrollment, or the maximum of one year (whichever comes first), at which time the grade will be converted to the final grade indicated on the I Grade Report form, or “F” if no grade is indicated.

Grades of C+ or lower are interpreted as failures. A student receiving such grades in more than two courses may be dismissed from their academic program. Refer to the Suspension or Dismissal policy for more information.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

The GRS minimum standard for Satisfactory Academic Progress for students is:

  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Have no more than two failing grades and/or W grades
  • All graduate students must pass comprehensive exams, qualifying exams, and other milestones on the schedule specified by the program

Time Limits

Master’s degrees must be completed within three years after the first registration for that degree.

PhD degrees must be completed within seven years after the first registration for that degree, except for periods of authorized leave. In addition, a full-time or certified full-time PhD student who is in good academic standing and who becomes the primary caregiver of an infant or adopted child will receive a one-year extension of their approved time to degree.

Petitions for extensions of time to complete degree requirements must be submitted prior to the end of the above limits. Students exceeding these time limits without an approved petition for an extension of time will not be permitted to register.

Discontinuation of Financial Aid

Students who fail to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress may have their financial aid discontinued.