School of Music

In Boston, music matters. As the first degree-granting music school in America, the Boston University School of Music has long been a leading participant in Boston’s musical culture.

Our faculty is drawn from the ranks of Boston’s leading professional musicians, including more than 20 members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

The quality and variety found in Boston’s music scene provide constant stimulation to both students and faculty, and they contribute to the School’s musical sophistication and high standards.

Recitals and concerts are presented almost daily, totaling more than 400 performances throughout the academic year. Near campus, students can also enjoy the rich musical resources of the Boston/Cambridge area, including Boston Baroque (in residence at Boston University), the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Lyric Opera, and the Handel and Haydn Society, among many others.

Message from the Director

As musical artists we create, perform, research, and teach—none of these in and of itself, but all of these together, interdependent, for the sake of the art form that has called us. As a comprehensive professional school of music we are committed to develop musicians with the skills in all these areas as a basis for new levels of engagement with audiences, with fellow artists, and with the community. Excellence in performance is a necessary foundation, but it is also necessary to become music’s advocate and champion, and to understand its wider role. There is no better place to do this than within a great university in one of the world’s premiere musical capitals, Boston’s university, BU.

At the College of Fine Arts you will find a rich community from all parts of the world: painters, sculptors, graphic designers, actors, directors, set designers, playwrights, composers, conductors, vocalists and instrumentalists, scholars, educators, and researchers. All of them are artists who believe deeply in what they are doing, and who are embedded in the intellectual and cultural life of the city.

In the School of Music a strong faculty of accomplished performers, including many members of the Boston Symphony, award-winning composers and conductors, internationally known scholars, and innovative educators engage music from complementary viewpoints. Our graduates perform and record as soloists, in major orchestras and opera companies, conduct, teach at universities, music schools, and at schools of all levels. They also innovate, produce, and create new spaces for music. At the School of Music we treasure music’s past, cultivate its present, and imagine its future. Join us.

—Richard Cornell, PhD, Professor of Music, College of Fine Arts, Director ad interim, School of Music