• What is WGS450?

    WGS 450 is designed to identify and ultimately place you in a non-profit, political party, or civil society organization whose work broadly embodies intersectional feminist principles. Your placement may be online or in-person (to the degree that COVID permits) and may often be a combination of both. We will work together to find a placement where you can experience and gain skill sets that will prepare you for your professional/academic career.

  • When does the class meet?

    The meeting schedule of the course is structured much like an independent study with meeting dates and times determined once all students have enrolled in the course. The vast majority of the work that you will do this semester will be working with the organization you are placed and we will meet periodically. In advance of these meetings you will complete reading and written work that will accompany this new learning opportunity.

  • What role does your WGS professor play?

    In addition to moderating our meetings, your WGS450 professor’s role is to ensure that the organization that we select together uses your labor in a way that contributes to your interests and is productive. Students will complete weekly reports and submit via BB that helps me track your progress and address any issues that arise. Near the middle of the semester you will write up a mid-semester review of your work and have your direct supervisor assess your progress. As the semester ends, you will write up a reflection of your work and we will meet again to outline what went right and what did/did not work well and why.

  • How many hours do I need to work each week?

    In order to earn 4 credits for the course you must contribute 12-15 hours per week which includes class time and work directly with the organization.

  • What if I am not sure what kind of organizations I want to work with?

    It is not uncommon to have some degree of anxiety about what you may want to “do” when you grow up. For some of you, this may be the first time that you have been asked to think about it in a serious way. If that is true for you, this opportunity to intern with an organization not only allows you to gain skills as you prepare for professional or additional academic work. The course may also help you identify what work you DO NOT want to do. WGS450 offers the opportunity to begin that journey knowing that lessons now are better than later.