Leave of Absence for External Study Abroad

The information below is a helpful overview of the process for arranging an external study abroad, when those opportunities are available.

The BU Study Abroad office is your guide to the process.
Please see External Programs for BU Students Only for information and a comprehensive checklist of steps to take before, during, and after your semester studying away from BU.

Contact the USC for information on arranging a leave.
To arrange a leave of absence to pursue a non-BU/external study abroad, you’ll need to complete an appointment with an associate director in the office, and submit some paperwork so we can update your records.  Appointments last 15-30 minutes depending on your unique circumstances, and are offered in the month of December for students going abroad in spring, and in late April and early May for students going abroad in the fall.

If there is sufficient volume/interest, we may offer students the opportunity to attend an information session designed specifically for students pursuing a non-BU/external study abroad.  Students who attend the group session will be sent links to the necessary paperwork, and will have the requirement for an individual appointment with a USC associate director waived.  These sessions are usually offered in the evening, and have been useful for students finding it tricky to schedule appointments with USC staff due to busy class, exam, work, and extracurricular schedules the semester prior to the abroad experience.  More information will be posted here if/when group sessions are scheduled.