Arranging a Leave of Absence

Full-time undergraduate degree candidates arrange leaves through the University Service Center (USC).  All other students should contact their academic dean’s office or records office for assistance.  See the Registrar’s Office website for more information.  If you’re unsure of the correct office, contact the USC.

Undergraduate students should request a leave in person at the USC between May 1 and August 1 for the upcoming fall semester or during the month of December for the upcoming spring semester.  Review the information provided in the pages below, then stop by our office during drop-in hours for direct assistance. If you aren’t in the Boston area, or can’t visit us during drop-in hours, contact us by phone (617-358-1818) or email for assistance.

International students who are studying in the United States on a student visa, must contact ISSO to speak with an advisor before submitting a leave of absence request to the USC. Taking a leave of absence can have significant visa-related implications, so it is important to discuss your options with ISSO.

Leave of Absence for Medical Reasons
If your leave of absence is for medical reasons, University policy requires that you successfully complete the medical review process through Student Health Services prior to re-enrolling. Medical documentation is not required in order to arrange your leave, but students often find it helpful to share a doctor’s note with Student Health Services to keep their records updated and to facilitate the return process.  Speak with a USC associate director about your situation and appropriate next steps.