University Advisory Board

The University Advisory Board of Boston University is an advisory body, comprised of University alumni and friends, dedicated to supporting and advancing the mission of and highest standards of excellence in the University. University Advisors act as informed advisors to the Trustees and administration on issues of strategic importance through active membership, as requested by the University, in advisory, visiting, and review boards for the schools, colleges, and major programs of the University. Advisors serve as a University resource by volunteering leadership, expertise, and financial support to the areas of the University in which they serve. Advisors also act as ambassadors and promote the interests of the University worldwide.

Members of the University Advisory Board are elected by the Boston University Board of Trustees to serve terms of one to three years. Terms are renewable at the discretion of the Trustees subject to a limit of ten consecutive years of service; Advisors may be re-elected after a one-year absence. The number of Advisors may not exceed fifty members. Advisors are selected on the basis of their individual interests, special expertise, vision, dedication to the advancement of Boston University, fundraising capability, and willingness to participate in the dynamic life of the University.

A Chairman and a Vice Chairman of the University Advisory Board are elected annually by the Board of Trustees, and the Chairman serves as an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees, subject to the approval of the Trustees. Advisors may be invited to provide counsel to committees of the Board of Trustees as non-voting members. They are also encouraged to recommend candidates for membership on the Board of Trustees.

The University Advisory Board meets twice each year, once in conjunction with a meeting of the Board of Trustees. At one meeting, the Board will receive reports on the University’s academic programs, financial condition, fundraising, major projects and new initiatives, strategic plans, and other emerging issues. Advisors are encouraged to comment upon and advise the president and the administration on these and related matters. Advisors are also invited to attend one meeting of the Board of Trustees each year as observers. As integral members of the University community, Advisors will be invited to important University events, meetings, lectures, exhibits, concerts, and University-wide functions.