Sell to Boston University

Sell to Boston University

All Boston University suppliers are expected to join the Ariba Network to conduct all Procure-to-Pay transactions. Boston University will issue all Purchase Orders via the Ariba Network. Additionally, we will only accept your invoices via the Ariba Network. Invoices sent via mail, email or fax will not be processed for payment. For more information on how to conduct business on the Ariba Network with Boston University please visit the Supplier Information Portal.

Boston University is no small operation. With over 33,000 undergraduate and graduate students from more than 130 countries, 17 schools and colleges, and nearly 10,000 faculty and staff, our two campuses are always in need of competitively priced quality products and services. Sourcing & Procurement is committed to providing our University suppliers with the tools and information needed to be our business partner.

Terms & Conditions


Boston University’s standard payment terms are Net 60; meaning payment will be made 60 days after the date listed on the invoice.*

If selected to be a University supplier, during online supplier registration, you can choose to enroll in BU’s accelerated payment program by selecting early payment options in exchange for discounts. When selecting an accelerated payment option, BU will deduct a percentage of the total invoice amount for payments made earlier than the regular payment terms. BU will pay the invoice in full if payment is made outside the discount payment terms. See the accelerated payment term and discount rate options listed below. Suppliers have the option to receive payment in multiple forms, including check or through payment to an ePayables credit card. To sign up for the ePayables program please complete the Bank of America ePayables Request Form and send it to For more information about the accelerated payment program, please contact

Accelerated Payment Program Options:
Discount Rate for Early Payment Early Payment Terms Regular Payment Terms
2% 10 Days Net 30

Code of Ethics

As a world-class research institution with wide-ranging supply needs, Boston University recognizes the value that our suppliers provide to the BU community. Our goal is to create strategic relationships with a variety of suppliers who can provide superior service at the lowest total costs to the various academic and administrative branches of the University.

BU encourages competition for University business among small businesses and firms with diverse ownership to enable our supply base to reflect the face of our student body, staff, faculty, and communities.

This commitment reinforces the research and educational objectives of the University, creates opportunities for diverse growth, and strengthens our community. By registering with Boston University as a supplier, you will enable the University to capture your interests and allow our buyers to identify you as a potential supplier for future purchases.

Please see more information on this policy on Boston University’s Policy page.In addition, suppliers are reminded of the gift policy for Boston University employees.

Supplier Diversity

COVID-19 Essential Supplier Recognition Event

On November 4th, Boston University held a luncheon to recognize suppliers who had helped Boston University during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Click here to find more information on the event.

*Invoice payments are issued upon invoice approval by the department responsible for the purchase. Payment terms and timely payment assume suppliers send invoices directly to the Accounts Payable Department with a valid BU purchase order number referenced clearly on the invoice.