Financial Literacy 101: Understanding Credit

Use it don’t abuse it.     Basics What is a credit score? 3-digit number that provides a snapshot of your credit worthiness. Indicator of how well you use your money. What is a credit report? A summary of your credit history. Comprises your diverse credit file. Factors of a Credit Score Payment History Makes […]

New Job? Student Employment is here to help!

Hey Terriers! Looking to earn more money in the new year? The BU Student Employment Office is here to help students who are looking to work during the spring semester. Here are some helpful tips for employment at BU: Students can participate in on-campus employment regardless of whether or not they have a Federal Work-Study […]

Explore Snowport’s Holiday Market

Hey Terriers! Looking to explore off-campus and enjoy winter in Boston on a budget? Consider visiting the Holiday Market at Snowport! Snowport’s Holiday Market brings together local businesses from all over New England and includes plenty of food and entertainment. Walk around the vendors, visit the decorated parks, or get some hot chocolate; there is […]