Explore Snowport’s Holiday Market

Hey Terriers!

Looking to explore off-campus and enjoy winter in Boston on a budget? Consider visiting the Holiday Market at Snowport!

Snowport’s Holiday Market brings together local businesses from all over New England and includes plenty of food and entertainment. Walk around the vendors, visit the decorated parks, or get some hot chocolate; there is plenty to do as you explore the transformed Seaport. You can also call ahead and reserve curling lanes for free!

Here are some budget friendly tips for visiting Snowport:

  • Pack your snacks: Stock up on coffee or hot chocolate and snacks in the dining hall and bring them with you. There is plenty for food and drinks available at the holiday market, but you can save money bringing your own!
  • Set a Budget: If you want to do some shopping with the vendors, set a budget ahead of time and keep it in mind throughout the day.
  • Take the T instead of an Uber: Snowport is a quick 10 minute walk from South Station on the red line. If you take the Green Line from BU, you can hop on the Red Line at Park Street.

Snowport Boston offers an amazing experience, and with these savvy tips, you can enjoy it to the fullest without draining your finances! Share your budget-friendly Snowport adventures with us on Instagram @smartmoney_bu.

For more information on Snowport and the Holiday Market visit their website.

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  1. I love these tips! I also heard that going on a weekday/night is much easier and less crowded than the weekend. I love the idea of supporting local vendors too. Thanks for this information!

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