Slone Drug Dictionary™

Drug_DictionaryThe Slone Drug Dictionary is a computerized coding system that is used in the collection and analysis of drug data in epidemiological studies.

It includes codes for prescription and non-prescription drugs, dietary supplements, and other herbal and natural products. These codes are linked to their active ingredients, allowing investigators to identify groups of exposures according to component (e.g., all acetaminophen exposures regardless of brand, single vs. multiple entity), according to class (e.g., CNS/Analgesic-Antipyretic), or according to specific product (e.g., generic acetaminophen).

Updated monthly, the Slone Drug Dictionary currently contains over 17,000 entries for single entity medicinal agents and over 12,000 multi-component products. The dictionary has the capacity to classify new products while retaining historical information on formulation changes.  It also contains entries which may not appear in many commercial databases, including international drug names, compounded medications, dietary supplements, and investigational drugs.

For more information, please visit our Slone Drug Dictionary website.