About the SCI Guide

If you type "Spinal Cord Injury" into a search engine, you will get over 900,000 web pages about spinal cord injury! How do you search through all of this and find valid sources that give you what you need when you need it -- without tearing your hair out?!?!

We created The SCI Guide because nothing out there gives the SCI community a place to go to get trusted, peer-reviewed info, and to decide for yourselves which sites are the best. The SCI Guide brings together the best websites on SCI chosen by you for you, and it’s easy to use. Nothing can take the place of the experiences of other people with SCI. When you find a great online resource, use the SCI Guide to spread the word and let other people know. When you need to find good info on any topic, use the SCI Guide to find the best sites based on real people’s feedback from the SCI community.

To start things out right, The New England Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center (NERSCIC) at Boston Medical Center assembled a team of people with SCI to review and rate websites, based on things like quality of information and user-friendliness. We picked people with all different ages, race/ethnicities, gender, experience, and level of injury for the review team. Click here to meet the team!

This is where you come in! The only way to keep The SCI Guide going is through you! If you see a site that you like, recommend it to us. Or feel free to add your two cents to an existing review. This is the only way that The SCI Guide can constantly continue to grow and grow, letting the whole SCI community decide what the best sites are, and acting as a compass to anyone who needs to find their way through the Internet jungle. Join our mailing list to be updated of any new sites that are added!

Features of The SCI Guide:

  1. The first of its kind to give the SCI Community a place to recommend and find the best resources online, chosen by you for you.
  2. A simple, easy-to-use listing of websites in all areas of living with SCI, including SCI: The Online Basics, geared towards the newly injured and their families.
  3. You can recommend a new site, or review any site listed any time.
  4. Directions for how to navigate each site with links to its best features, for new Internet users or anyone who doesn’t have time to get “lost”.
  5. Icons for quick reference: rating out of 5 stars, good for newly injured, SCI-specific, disability-specific.
  6. To be listed, websites have to offer high quality information and resources that can be accessed directly online for free by anyone in the country.
  7. Comments directly quoted from our team of reviewers with SCI.
  8. Top Sites for the Newly Injured (copyright, 2006).
  9. Best of the Best Sites (copyright, 2006).
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