Program Term: 2024-2025


Fellowship fees:  $5,000 paid over 2 semesters, Fall/Spring

The two routes of enrolling in the fellowship incur differing costs:

1. Full time employment at BUPTC: Salary is a fixed, reduced rate from full-time employment, no tuition cost

2. Alternate enrollment  – Tuition is paid at the above rate.

Fellows are responsible for living expenses and transportation to clinical facilities. Fellows must pay for travel to Boston University to participate in eight skill development courses of the didactic training. The fellow’s reduced salary (full time)/tuition (part time) will cover the costs related to participating in the webinars, skill development courses, grand rounds, and journal clubs. Fellows are also responsible for purchasing textbooks, course materials, and any other incidental supplies.

For additional information, please review our Financial Fact Sheet.