From left to right: Christina Wu*, Billy Liu**, Samantha Sharma*, Sam Creighton**, Rebecca Kahn, Stefan Gunnsteinsson, Michael Gevelber, Jonathan Slager, alan Morse, Rami Yazbeck*, Yunshen Cai, Ziijia Zhao (not shown, Evan Liu)  Housing Energy: Madison Park Development (Jonathan Slager, MS) Building Efficiency Airflow: Stefan Gunnsteinsson (Ph.D), Alan Morse, Christina Wu, Samantah Sharma, Rami Yazbeck Electro Spinning of Nanofibers: Yunshen Cai (Ph.D), Billy Liu Mechatronics: Sam Creighton BU and Newton Energy analysis: Rebecca Kahn (BU)

The two major research areas of the Advanced Materials Process Control Lab are:

  • sustainable buildings
  • materials processing

We work on improving materials processing capabilities by applying a controls-based approach involving process modeling, sensor development, system and control design, and experimentation.   Research projects, typically conducted with industry partners, include thermal barrier and fuel cell coatings by plasma spray, electrospinning of nano-fibers for biomedical applications, and precision optical coatings by electron beam deposition.

We are also pursuing a number of projects to improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings including developing a new system identification approach that helps optimize air flow in existing buildings, and conducting energy assessments for urban housing and universities.