Spring 2013

BU Undergraduates Perform Groundbreaking Research


Okay, What’s Next? Life After BU 

OK, What’s Next?

Students help each other prepare for life after college.

By Andrew Thurston

Safety First. Advocating for Students 

Safety First

New sexual assault response center advocates for students.

By Rachel Johnson (MET’11)

Citizens of the World 

Citizens of the World

An influx of Chinese students is creating new opportunities for everyone at BU.

By Sheryl Flatow


Parents Program

Special Message from the Parents Leadership Council

Healing our community

On Campus

Cricket Gets Some Respect (Again)

A popular sport abroad climbs out of baseball’s shadow here.

B-Line Buzz

On Air Now

Award-winning, student-run radio station broadcasts around the world.

For Fun

Top Tips

Advice for parents—from parents

What’s Hot, What’s Not

Did You Know?