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NPC Faculty SpotLight Event

Join us for exciting rapid research talks by BU faculty involved in Neurophotonics! Thursday, November 9, 12:00PM   In Person:  BU Photonics Room 906 (Lunch provided following talk) Or via Zoom  Please join us for the BU Neurophotonics Faculty SpotLight, where select Neurophotonics Center (NPC) Faculty will present short talks about the research they conduct in […]

NPC Projects Summary 2021

Here is a preview of the NPC supported projects for 2020-2021 that will appear in the upcoming annual report.   Structural Microscopy Serial Sectioning OCT Functional Microscopy Large Scale Fiber Photometry Multimodal Approaches iPSC-Derived Brain Organoids Applications Beyond Neuroscience Ex vivo Lung Imaging Proof-of-principle Optical Imaging Technology Imaging Neuronal Dynamics across Multiple Brain Areas with […]

Lei Tian: Augmenting Optics with Algorithms

When Lei Tian, PhD, joined Boston University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department in 2016, he never imagined his work would take him into the neurosciences. But when the Neurophotonics Center at BU launched the following year, bringing together a multidisciplinary team from all four corners of the university, he couldn’t help but get involved. “When […]

Neuroimaging in the Everyday World

The Need: How a healthy brain works and what can be done to prevent and treat acquired and developmental brain disorders is one of the primary aims of contemporary neuroscience research and a major focus of the BRAIN Initiative. The only way to catalyze such innovative scientific breakthroughs is to integrate multi-disciplinary teams that can […]

Gabel Lab: Neurophotonics in Simple Systems

With a background in physics and biophysics, Dr. Gabel was attracted to the powerful simplicity of C. elegans and similar model systems, to which the Gabel lab brings expertise in high-resolution laser ablation and fluorescence microscopy to study neuronal damage, regeneration and function. Along with his collaborators, Dr. Gabel has recently developed techniques to measure neuronal activity in C. elegans within medically relevant context such as physical damage, age related decline and exposure to anesthetics.

From Cupcakes to Custom-made Microscopes: The many talents of Kıvılcım Kılıç

In just over a year, Kıvılcım Kılıç has established herself as an indispensable member of the Neurophotonics Center at Boston University, providing expertise in both physiology and neuroscience, interfacing with establishing connections between other investigators, and frequently pampering researchers with her homemade desserts. As if that weren’t enough, her passion for art in science has led to her creating medical illustrations to be published in prestigious academic journals. But how did she come to possess such wildly diverse talents, and how is she able to wield them so effectively?