Alumni Corner – Rachel Donahue

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Massachusetts General Hospital

Position Title:



I work with other statisticians on a clinical trial that involves comparing multiple drugs from several pharmaceutical companies to see if they lead to delayed or improved outcomes for people with ALS. We’re in charge of managing the primary statistical analyses for the trial that get sent to the FDA and are released to the public and validating the trial data. We also are doing research on ALS clinical assessment methodology.

Favorite Aspect:

Working with other collaborators and getting to learn so much about clinical topics and statistics. It is also extremely rewarding to work on such a noble cause.

Advice to Current Students:

Take advantage of how flexible the MSSP program is and how many opportunities there are at BU in general. I wanted to learn more about biostats topics and SAS while I was a student, which was little different than most of my classmates, but through electives and outside projects and support from the faculty I was able to gain enough experience and knowledge for the role that I have now!