Image Library

Only BU employees who are also registered users can access the BU Photography Image Library. If not on campus, you must be logged into the VPN to access the image library.

You are a registered user if you have 1) requested a photo shoot, 2) worked with BU Photography, or 3) purchased digital images from BU Photography.

If you are a BU employee but not a registered user, fill out the form below to request access.

Please note: We ask that you exercise your discretion in using images of students, faculty, and staff in which the individual subjects are identifiable. This pertains especially to photographs of identifiable students in classes, but extends to images of identifiable students engaged in extracurricular activities and identifiable faculty and staff as well. If you intend to use images of identifiable subjects for external-facing collateral, please contact the BU Photography department at 617-353-4557 to determine if your intended use is admissible and if you need to seek permission from the subject for your specific use.