Connect with Communicators

Across BU’s campuses, communications specialists are meeting regularly to share ideas and successes. Here are just some of the ways you can get involved.

BU Communicators Group

Through this group, central Marketing & Communications connects marketing and communication leaders and teams from our schools, colleges, centers, institutes, and administrative units through meetings, workshops, discussions, resource sharing, and overall updates about MarCom-related issues and topics. It’s a great way to stay connected to learn more about the University’s overall marketing goals and initiatives, as well as to share advice and trade tactics with colleagues.

Contact us to learn more or to be added to the email list and Team’s channel.

BU Social Media Communicators Group

Run by MarCom’s associate director of social media, this group meets regularly throughout the year to discuss what’s new in the social media industry, share campaign success stories, and network. Meetings are typically held virtually, featuring speakers making waves in the social media industry.

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Communicators Across Campuses

Find communication professionals across BU’s campuses and get in touch.

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