Universal Composability (UC) hackathon

Prof. Ran Canetti, Boston University

Universally Composable Security: A Tutorial

Instruction materials:

  • Slides: powerpoint and PDF formats
  • Reading material: Ran’s UC tutorial (ps) (pdf)¬†and the full framework (pdf)

Date & location:
Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19 at Boston University’s Hariri¬†seminar room

The event will consist of a day of lectures on the UC framework, followed by “hackathon style” sessions of UC security analysis of an assortment of schemes and modules that have not been analyzed in this style before.

The presentation of the framework will concentrate less on the theoretical underpinnings and more on providing the understanding and techniques needed in order to represent security requirements within that framework and show that a given system satisfies these requirements.

In the analysis sessions the participants will partition to small groups and each group will select a topic to work on, out of a menu of topics and schemes. Coming up with own original ideas for modeling and analysis is accepted and welcome. The ultimate goal for each group is to come up with running code and (manually generated) security analysis of that code.

The instructor will interact with the groups and the groups will interact with each other to obtain better overall understanding and analysis.


Friday, March 18

8:30 – 9 Breakfast
9 – 9:50 Lecture 1: Background & motivation
10 – 10:30 Lecture 2: The UC framework: overview and examples
10:45 – 12 Lecture 3: The grungy details
12 – 1 Lunch (provided)
1 – 2:30 Lecture 4: How to capture security concerns & prove security
3 – 4 Lecture 5: Intro to hackathon challenges
4:15 – 6 Work session 1

Saturday, March 19

8:30 – 9 Breakfast
9 – 10 Work session 2
10 – 12 Preliminary presentations
12 – 1 Lunch (provided)
1 – 3 Work session 3
3 – 5 Final presentations